"Melanie Ida Chopko has that precious and rare quality that we long for in our artists… a unique way of seeing. Happily she also has the grace of melody and words to communicate it to us." Rachel Efron, songwriter & producer


Chopko's lyrics turn her private world and the world at large into vivid cinema. As a performer, a disarming stage presence. Joe Kornfield, Boston Herald American


Melanie Ida Chopko writes and performs, according to one reviewer, "with wit, acuity and grace.” Her songs on guitar and piano feature astute lyrics and melody, a sort of modern folk with a big crush on everything else. If Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone and Rebecca Solnit were neighbors and made music in the late afternoon, it might sound like this.

In the tradition of the citizen artist, Melanie is as interested in the complexity of the world around her as the one within herself, exploring both with artistry, intimacy and humor. The EP Yellow Blue Alizarin, is a lyrical exploration of immigration, the human relationship with the natural world, and family. It was a collaboration with six musicians and over 130 donors, and is accompanied by a limited-edition, 7-inch watercolor print.

In between songs, Chopko teaches beginner singing for adults at the renown Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, creates watercolors and drawings and trains in Aikido.





people & projects I love

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Kate Mink and Dean Stuart, my beloved studiomates at my daily artistic home, The Compound Gallery and Studios
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Shaina Taub I love Shaina's epic, soulful creations, and her skillful bridging of the blues, musical theatre and beautiful break-my-heart personal songs.
Wendy MacNaughton My watercolor hero

YES! I volunteer each month with YES!, and my life has been transformed by their internationally renown "jams" - residential events exploring the connection between personal, interpersonal and systemic change for a world that works for everyone. Go to their programs, and give them all the money
350.org - Building the global movement for Climate Justice
Charter for Compassion A cooperative effort to restore compassionate action to the center of religious, moral and political life.
Women's Accapella Association Empowering girls and women in music and the music industry

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