My Anthem: "Harvest" / by Melanie Ida Chopko

Sometimes when I'm feeling extra excited about stuff I've just done, I like to turn up songs from my Blastoff list. My favorite this summer and fall is Shaina Taub's brilliant Harvest, which you can watch below. I feel this is the anthem for my life, what I long to create in the world, and the work of many of those I love as we weave together a more just and sustainable world. And a call to the role songwriting has in carrying us there with joy.

And geesh, does she ever hit a good Eb.

Some of her lyrics:

"Though I am no preacher, I will bless what we have sown
Though I am no teacher, I will show you all we've known
Though I am no farmer, I will cull what I can find
Though I wear no armor, I will guard all that we've sown and we've planted
We won't take for granted the hours and the grieving
The ceaseless believing in ancient ecology giving us all that we've found

Harvest waiting in the untilled ground
And if I only live to see the planting time
For the harvest waiting in the untilled ground
And I'm long long gone for the feast and wine
For the harvest waiting in the untilled ground
Still you'll hear my roots resound in the harvest in the untilled ground

(you can also visit her website to contribute to her current recording project. Hallelujah.)