CHAMPIONS, thoughts on games / by Melanie Ida Chopko

Janine, Jason, Ellie and I, The Destroyers.

Janine, Jason, Ellie and I, The Destroyers.

Still smiling from our win at Artist Pictionary last night at the Compound Gallery, nailing 'chaos,' and 'abstract expressionism,' and with 10 seconds to spare 'quarantine!' At the end we were tied 4-4 and somehow I got my team to guess 'opaque' by drawing a bottle in a paper bag vs. a window. In organizing the event we chose words from the 'hard' and 'really hard' categories...they were so good.

So much about this game was fascinating - it was like herding cats to make announcements about the rules and teams, but as soon as people started, I could have heard a pin drop. Everyone was fixated. I was struck by how the game itself grew friendship out of very little - on my team was a designer I've known in passing for months, but we'd talked very little. But it turns out, we are fantastically dialed in on guesses and scribbles, and ended the night with hugs and a beer. I couldn't help but think of the story of a king in ancient Africa creating statewide games to keep his people playful, focused and alive through a famine.  

I completely forgot my worries and work, and it was fabulous. Below, the winning drawing for 'nuclear fallout.'