A window closing / by Melanie Ida Chopko

My friends, a powerful window of possibility is closing in the next week to prevent a Trump presidency. Yes, I'm all for acceptance and standing upright while facing the dark and overhauling a broken electoral system. AND, I think it's time to think big. Way big. I believe there is compelling evidence to show that many pieces could work together to prevent this justice crushing administration.

I'm not proud of how I did just about nothing to support Hilary before election day, truthfully in spite about Bernie's loss of the nomination. So, I'm extra passionate about making history before January 20th. Remember, it was just the anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycotts: People had no idea what would work or come of it, but they kept taking action for over a year, and won. I strongly, strongly invite you to join me in any or all of this - many things take 5 minutes or less. Pick your favorite and go: be it possible Russian hacking, recounts, electoral college swaying. As an open letter from my heroes says:

"We don’t know where this will take us. But everything that takes us away from the inevitability of a Trump presidency is worth pursuing. Even if we fall short of stopping Trump, we can weaken him and his agenda. And we can gather, inspire, and strengthen civil society to face what lies ahead." - Stop Trump + Defend Democracy open letter

Simple, powerful stuff I'm doing (alongside praying and shaking out my fear)
- Reading Rebecca Solnit's posts religiously. She's my go to on election transparency, movement history, living with beauty, grace and no bullshit. 
- Reading Stop Trump + Defend Democracy to do everyday actions/petitions/emails/calls. 
- Phonebanking for Louisiana. Tomorrow, Saturday Dec 10th is a run off race to grab one more democratic seat in the Senate via Louisiana's good guy Foster Campbell. DjT is flying there to support the corporate slimeball, so I'm logging time talking to folks by phone.
- I'm supporting recounts with my phone calls, emails and wallet. I see alot of my friends shake their heads at the start of this conversation about a recount/electoral college change, etc. And, I'm following the lead of some of my favorite writers and social organizers, particularly Rebecca Solnit, author of Hope in Dark Times and scholar of historical social movements. For example, recounts and run-offs happen all the time, but Trump's team seems dead set against it. Again, Solnit contexualizes: "Your enemies are often the best appraisers of your efforts. If your friends say what you do doesn’t matter but your enemies fight you and freak out, you know you’re doing something right."

Please consider sharing this post or other actions you are doing too! Lots of articles and resources below.

The many pieces, reported in big papers: 

- Pre-recount, Trump's lead shrinking in swing states.

Lawrence Lessig expounds on the role of the electoral college

Seven senators are calling for de-classification of information related to possible international election hacking

- And ps, I dont think this will be a replay of 2000 election - we have alot more systems in place now.