22! / by Melanie Ida Chopko

22 Days Left, and we're at 22%! : D !!! I'm enjoying a nice grey rainy day to train in Aikido, catch up on some writing and behind the scenes things. And, revel in my huge gratitude for the most recent collaborators/donors to my project (more here: http://igg.me/at/lkiV-sPvr-s)

To Dan Kelly, the friend who first introduced me to Tai Chi and Master Ru in Brooklyn years ago, the seeds of my current practice in martial arts! I'm grateful to be back in touch!
To Susan Pritzker, with whom I played songs many a night under the pine trees of the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. You are such a gift to me, Susan!
To Zohar Tobi, one of my oldest friends and companions in the path of musician as healer. Your friendship, coaching and belief in me are a powerful piece of how I'm here today.
To Alison O. K. Frost, friend and fellow citizen artist with watercolor. I'm so grateful to share the Compound Studios, this art form, and our stories of living with grace, one day at a time.
To Ingrid Martine, another coach along the path who was a companion during one of my dark depressions, and believing mirror as I stepped towards my musical dreams.