19 Days Left, and my EP Family: Rachel / by Melanie Ida Chopko

19 Days Left, and at last, introducing my EP Family!

(You can learn more about my project, here: http://igg.me/at/lkiV-sPvr-s - 30% of this project is funded!!)

One of the most important people in this family is this woman, Rachel Efron. I first met Rachel when I took her class on songwriting at the California Jazz Conservatory. It was like I had been standing around the kitchen for a few years really, really hoping to create something, and Rachel welcomed me in, lent me some spoons and knives and showed me how to chop. In the three years since, I've worked with her frequently at the Oakland Salon and defrosting the piano lessons of my youth. We had a weekly phone meeting for over a year to keep me on track to create my demos and bring this project into the world, as well as comb over all my seven potential songs in pre-production. Precise, compassionate, empowering, and rife with hilarious visual metaphors, Rachel is a master teacher and a jewel of an editor. Who else would say, "There's too much weather in that verse - it's too Jane Eyre," and know I would understand, exactly?

Thank you, adopted sister!