Full Circle / by Melanie Ida Chopko

We're at 55%! :D

What a beautiful day of reconnecting with all the people I love that have been alongside me in my creative and musical journey, and inviting them to join this project. Tonight I'll see my college friend and bassist Solomon Dorsey, in some mystical full circle of scheduling. Solomon played at the senior concert of my dear friend Jean Rohe 10 years ago at The New School. I remember sitting in that room and feeling my soul leap in joy to see for the very first time what is POSSIBLE - music that brings people together in joy, grace and grief, music of rhythms, instruments and languages from around the world. And, musicians that create with their whole selves, so much larger than their notes. 

If you'd like to support me in these last three days, please invite people to Friday

s Brown Bag in B-flat, my streaming lunchtime concert! People can RSVP by clicking "Follow" on the upper right.