How to have more free time / by Melanie Ida Chopko

Some of my best days are the ones where I forget my phone and go back to having a sense of long, wide focus to the world around me. So, I made this iPhone screen saver for myself and you too, reminding us No! Don't Slide to Unlock! I'm happy to report, it totally works. Thanks to Austin Kleon for giving me the idea.

How to set this as lock screen wallpaper: Open FB on your phone and take a screen shot of this image - holding the power button and top button at the same time. (Or, download and email to yourself, opening on your phone). Open the image in Photos and chose the Select/Send to button on the bottom left, and then swipe grey icon options to the left and chose "Use as Wallpaper." Zoom in and out so that my painted word "instead" is behind the ghosty boxes labeled Still/Perspective. That way, the word and black bar will cover the option of "slide to unlock." Hit "Set" and chose "Set Lock Screen."

Enjoy your free time! : D