A musical, election-day hug / by Melanie Ida Chopko

It's election day here in the US, and I thought you like me might like a big auditory hug before or after you go and VOTE.

One of my favorite artists and humans, Jean Rohe, just released her stunning new album, Sisterly. Her song What Will We Tell Our Children has meant alot to me for these past few weeks.

Did you speak the truth when it mattered most? / Did you mean it, now, tell me did you mean it? / Did you run and hide? / Oh, your palms on your eyes. Yes, did you cry? / Oh, sometimes you cried /Did you love your neighbor, did you love yourself? / Did you give enough? Did you get enough? ...

I'm off to rehearse for my epic music video shoot happening later this week - complete with a church, my first choir arrangement and a small choir. Wowzers!


Ps. Seriously, make the time to VOTE. For CA folks, How Pete's Voting is my most favorite voter guide - extremely well researched, spry and written by a former union organizer. I love it.

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