Joni Mitchells' Sh*tty First Draft / by Melanie Ida Chopko

Last week my cousin and I gave each other a writing challenge - finish a full draft of our stories/songs by Friday or we would donate $50 to DJT's re-election campaign. Ah, nothing like the negative incentive to get my butt into gear!

I thought you might enjoy this "unfinished draft" played live by Joni Mitchell. It's incredibly inspiring for me as a writer to hear the humble beginnings of one of her most iconic songs, "All I Want." To hear how at one point, it could even be described as sloppy. I think it's so powerful to see early drafts of master writers/filmmakers/performers. To remind all of us it's not about pixie dust,  just persistence.


It reminds me of some of the best writing advice I ever got - from a man who did sand-castle building contests. In the contest, the team has three hours to go from blank beach Alameda Beach to a giant castle sculpture. "What's incredible is after two hours, it's still just a pile of sand." I love that.

What ever you're up to, KEEP GOING!