A Stretchy ask : will you help me make a tour? / by Melanie Ida Chopko

I have a kinda crazy idea I'd love your help with. We're done mixing a full band single of my song Below the Weather & the Waves (IT'S SO PRETTY!) When I release it, I'd like to spend a week or two going on a house concert tour - my first ever! House concerts are some special magic - I could have heard a pin drop when I played the last one and just fell in love.

Would you be up to host me for a house concert this August? It's a bit of a stretch to ask, and the idea of hosting might be a stretch for you too. Team stretch, you and me. It won't cost anything to host a concert, you'd just to
- have a space large enough for guests to sit comfortably for a cozy hour of listening (living room, backyard, mausoleum, etc.)
- invite your friends!

Then Voila! A tour. Please write me back if you're curious about being a part of my summer living room adventure, and as always, thank you for being here!