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For much of my life I really wondered if what I heard was true - if I didn't learn music "as a kid", did that window of opportunity close forever? I sat on my hands for about 10 years, afraid the ship had sailed, but still sitting in the front row of every concert, surrounding myself with musicians. I was so passionate about music, often moved to tears, and often resentful that I couldn't join in. As much as I tried, I couldn't shake the desire to learn to sing, write songs and play more instruments.

Everything changed when I learned a bit more about...brain science. My fear wasn't a decree that this was impossible, it was just a sign I was up to something big, new, and hugely important to me. I searched out true-blue teachers who were able to meet my beginner level with dignity, and hold up believing lanterns for my dreams. I got a support structure in place so I could practice.  I learned techniques not just for instruments, but on how to enjoy the process, methods of practice that could bring me joy and presence rather than anxiety. And, several years later, I produced and recorded my first EP of original music, more formally stepping into my role as a performer.

It is my deepest honor to give back to support other adults and teens to do the same. I host a variety of classes and lessons each month, creating a learning environment focused as much on play, humor, and possibility as solid technique. My education includes countless music classes and lessons, as well as my learnings of the principles of creativity from Julia Cameron's The Artist Way, Kenny Werner's Effortless Mastery, Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic, and the Academy for Coaching Excellence. 

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Singing Outside the Shower - Click to show current dates & topic

An ongoing singing class for all secret-car-singers who are ready to uncork their passion for music and step into their full selves. This class will focus on music by the Beatles and other classic songs and in addition to singing in class each week, you'll learn tools to bring music more fully into your everyday life.

Together we'll explore both technique and expressive, embodied singing- exploring breathing techniques, tone and pitch, exercises to expand your range, and how to rock back-up harmonies. Following the lead of favorite 21st Century Folk vocalists, we'll also play with singing as storytellers, using phrasing and dynamics. And, after the last class, we'll have a music jam together to strut our stuff.

When we step into using our voices with singing, we step into using our voices in every aspect of our lives. This class is for both the absolute, I-can't-sing-at-all-but-still-want-to beginners and singers who are ready to walk toward their singing dreams. There is a materials fee of $5.

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