New Song: Soapbox PSA / by Melanie Ida Chopko


I realized the other day I've been writing an awful lot about my creative process, and have failed to share the actual things I have been recently working on. Here's the complete lyric of my recently finished Soapbox song, a bluesy piano manifesto on why I do not want to be in an open relationship. A sort of PSA to all applicants in the Bay Area. I'll have a demo up in the next week or so. Enjoy!

I like open
open seas and open window panes
how your brown eyes open at my name
I like the jars I never need to bang
on the edge of the table
unsealed without struggle 
Babe I was able 
to stick around and see
what would come from you and me
just don't ask me please
to simply open up my bed

I like complex
long division on the restaurant bill
is just my special kind of skill
I like the 26 ingredients
I'd use to make mole
or lemon curd soufflé
the night of your birthday
I'd rewire your TV
from notes in Portuguese
just don't ask me please 
to make more complex my bed

I don't like your type of enlightenment
I know it would be to my detriment
I already did the experiment 
Monogamy your dreary word
of straight jackets and chains absurd
a caged and captured flightless bird
with feathers clipped and song unheard
But disembodied rhapsodies
hide Peter Pan proclivities
a spiritual mythology 

to rise above biology
its not my practice to unlearn
the wisdom when my stomach turns
my cheeks go flush with endless burn
I won't lose it for this concern    

'Cause I like freedom
Free from nights awake and worrying 
And free from endless processing 
I let the sleeping dogs just lie around
And wake up with out you 
In mornings of clear blue
And baby it's still true
I'll be sad to see
I know you need to leave
as it won't work for me

to trade my freedom for my bed