Oh Geesh, Reality / by Melanie Ida Chopko

I'm laughing today at what is called in the coaching world, physical reality: I set a goal to finish a project, and then reality happens, with all its bizarre unexpected-ness. For a couple months I've been working on a set of click track demos of my music, and set the evening of September 2nd as my date to turn them in to Rachel, my pre-production producer. 

And as it stands, today, on my last work day for the tracks, I have about half my usual voice due to some weird laryngitis thing that's lingered over the past few weeks. My little media card carrying two piano tracks has disappeared, and I made had a plan to spend a couple extra hours re-doing them. No problem, except this week someone has decided to pressure wash the building next door. The building that's located outside the window of my upright piano. Imagine 10 washing machines running at once: that's the background sound today. 

So much of my music education process has been about acceptance, beginner's mind, gentleness, commitment without tightness. It's so much easier for me to be in full on General mode, charging forward towards a concrete goal. So I'm laughing at the nice spiritual lesson that a day or two of change doesn't really mean much.