My Favorite by Melanie Ida Chopko

Secretly, I think this is my favorite track on the EP - Just a stunning collaboration with Rob Reich on piano, along with Anthony Ant, Patrick Wolff, Diana Gameros, Tim Vickers and Andrew Maguire.

What's extra special is how one of the players shared how playing on this is playing for his sister as well - both of us reaching to understand how to the people closest to our bloodline can also be the furthest away. I'm so moved by how many listeners come to me after a show and share there own stories of disconnection/reconnection with their siblings.

Such gratitude to Bridget Kearney for her blessing in recording this co-write. May it be of service.

2 days left, and in my EP family, Diana by Melanie Ida Chopko

This afternoon I had a rehearsal with the musicians who will join me in recording next week. It was stunning - my music feels like it is standing up on its own two legs, living in the soundscape I've dreamed about for a long while. Among the musicians is my beloved friend Diana Gameros, a phenomenal songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. I'm so grateful for all I've learned from Diana about being a citizen artist, creating beauty and joy in the face of what is dark and heavy, to transform what is dark and heavy. To do my practice as a musician with the same level of focus and dedication that I see in other activists as they contribute to transformation in this world.  And, to walk with gratitude all the way. Te amo, Diana preciosa! More on her work at

Six Days Left! by Melanie Ida Chopko


We've got six days left to sail past the finish line, and my project is over 50% funded. I'm excited to see what will unfold over the next few days on this adventure. You can join me on the project, here:

More on my EP Family: Today I'll be making more thank you calls, invitation-to-join me calls, AND meeting with my beloved voice teacher, Margo Leduc. Margo has been such a gift in my life since I took her class 4 years ago at the California Coast Music Camp. I began studying with her that same year, saying yes to her request I do three months of weekly lessons and something like 10- 12 hours of focused practice in between. I'm still goin!  love her easy to apply technique, I love her spirit and her humor. "Fill up your full can! More air!" She has been a believing mirror for my music dreams since we met, even picking me up at the BART train station each week to make the out of town lessons possible!

I'll post a picture of us later today, but in the meantime you can read more on her site, I love you, Margo!