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Education, incredible by Melanie Ida Chopko


Something amazing is happening in education. I had the immense pleasure of drawing for Project Based Learning initiative of the Buck Institute, a program shifting schools out of rows, out of testing and into their communities. Over 800 teachers from around the country and the world were there to say yes to a radical shift in public education: Kids learning the way adults live: by doing projects relevant to them! The stories are astounding: kids swaying Rochester to restore the Erie Canal, building a violence-free day in Chicago, creating videos telling their stories of losing family to deportation. One reporter from KQED shared she learned more about immigration from the kid video project then any public policy forum she had ever attended. WOW, and, of course. I felt deeply honored to record these stories and meet some of the people creating a different present and future for kids of all backgrounds. To me this is an equity issue first and foremost, equity to all types of minds, visions and cultures. Priorotize school integration and we've got this change for real. 

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Graphic Facilitation Blastoff! Oct. 22+23rd by Melanie Ida Chopko

The season of teaching has arrived! Next week, October 22nd+23rd, I'm sitting with Levana Saxon and her facilitator friends to give a 2-day Graphic Facilitation Blastoff training for facilitators. If you're wanting to see behind the curtain and learn how to weave graphics into your work with groups, this is the class for you. We've got 4 spots left! You can join us, here.

- Are you a facilitator wishing that your group notes looked as sophisticated as the trainings you provide?
- Are you curious to try adding pictures to your notes, but not sure where to start?
- Are you looking for a way to add value to your work with clients, without hiring an additional graphic recorder?

Tickets are here!

In this 2 day long training designed for facilitators, we'll explore how to create vibrant visual documents that live on long after your trainings. You will:
learn a basic visual vocabulary of fun, easy-to-draw icons
- learn how to listen for nuggets of information while capturing a discussion
- practice snazzy lettering and titling strategies to brighten up notes
- learn basic templates that can support a group strategy process
- learn the art of gracefully wrangling huge paper
- leave with a wealth of written and web resources to support you on your way
- Special Bonus! Melanie will have a 30-minute post-training Skype session to support you one-on-one in applying these visual tools directly into what the you're already using with groups.

"BUT, I haven't drawn anything since 3rd grade!"

No worries. Melanie believes that if you can write, you can draw. In some cultures, writing is even considered a treasured art form! This class is tailored for folks who have little to no experience drawing as adults, and are just dipping their toes back into the water. There will be plenty of time to practice recording, learn from one another, and see lots of samples of graphic facilitation work.

Sign up by October 5th for an Early Bird Discount of $75! 
Before October 5th, tickets are $765.00.
After October 5th, tickets are $840.00, with a deposit required here to reserve your space. Included in your registration is lunch both days (chosen from a menu of salads and sandwiches), snacks, drinks and all the paper and supplies you'll need.

Thursday, October 22nd 9am-4:30pm
Friday October 23rd 9am-4:30pm

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