25 Days Left: Metro-Knome / by Melanie Ida Chopko

24 Days Left! I just finished my first rehearsal with two musicians I'll be recording with April 7th (not pictured above). It was a pure delight to experiment and re-arrange with Josh Mellinger and Timothy Vickers - so good that at moments I missed my own part while listening with a grin on my face! (You can hear more about my story and give to my project, here: http://igg.me/at/lkiV-sPvr-s)

I'm also smiling with this little guy, the face of the metro-Knome. Last summer I made a commitment to hanging with him as much as possible, woodshedding my playing away from the "where is the downbeat? huh?" and learning my material backwards and forwards, so I can lean back in the easy chair of groove.

So rehearsing today was also a way to celebrate that step by step climb, and see yet another beautiful view of what's possible. Onward we go!