Debatable / by Melanie Ida Chopko

23 Days Left, but hold the phone on my personal project. I was deeply, deeply moved today while listening this most recent Radiolab, Debatable. Thrilled to hear Robert Kruwlich called out with such precision on the clunky ignorance of his own whiteness, and invited into seeing greater complexity of another's experience. I cried in great somatic agreement while hearing Ryan Walsh articulate so passionately, so profoundly, the absolute rejection "the masters house" and ditching the master's tools. Even thought this is a show about debate, I think what moves me so much is how ALL of our art forms, in their use of beauty, pathos and story, have the potential to blast a hole into injustice that continues to shape the world around us. How all of us artists have a powerful voice in denying and reshaping what our culture accepts as the "norm."

I wrote a bit more about this on my project page, here:

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